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Who will you find at Wildside Wildlife Park?  Let's meet them...

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We have two main Zones at Wildside Wildlife Park;

our Jungle Zone and Farmyard Zone.  We'll give you a brief introduction to everyone that lives here.

Jungle Animals

Farmyard Animals

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Toby the Bear


This is Toby the Bear and he is a very mischievous chap. Toby loves to hide things and play tricks. But he is always very friendly and cuddly! Toby’s favourite food are biscuits and he loves parties.

Basil the Tiger


Basil is very shy and does not roar very often but he does love to sing. We can often hear Basil singing away as we are working near by. He loves to meet lots of new people and hopes you will all sing with him.

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Maggie the Parrot


We all love Maggie because she likes to look after everyone. She is very colourful and is very proud of her beautiful feathers. Maggie’s favourite colour is red and her favourite food is…… Strawberries!

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Muffin the Monkey 


Muffin is a very cheeky Monkey. He loves climbing trees and is always laughing and being silly. But what does Muffin like most?…. To tickle people, so keep your eyes on him when you meet him.

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Truffles the Pig


Truffles is very friendly and loves to meet lots of people. As long as they don’t come to visit him at lunch time because what Truffles loves most of all is…. Food!

Pullover the Sheep


Pullover the Sheep is quite a character and he thinks he is a bit of a poet. He loves writing stories but the thing he loves most of all is racing. He races against some of the other sheep on the farm and nearly always wins!

Oscar the Owl


Oscar is a very clever Owl he loves doing crosswords and reading. He is very friendly and likes to keep an eye on things. Oscars most important job is flying around over the farm and picking up litter.

Gail the Goose


If you need to know what anyone is up to on the farm just come and ask Gail. She does love to gossip but is very kind. She also loves singing and dancing.

Lucky the Cat


If you want to keep Lucky happy give her a bowl of cream and a roaring fire to sleep in front of. She can be a little bit lazy, until she spots Minx the mouse in the yard and then she is off like a shot.

Jet the Sheepdog


He is the quickest sheepdog for miles around and is the farmers right hand…dog! Jet takes his work very seriously but enjoys playing with a ball when off duty.

Minx the Mouse


Minx likes to cause trouble and is always up to no good. He also likes to upset Lucky the cat. Only last week he hid the ball of wool she was playing with and we spent all afternoon trying to find it. If something goes missing you can bet Minx has something to do with it!

Fergus the Fox


Probably the most charming fox in the world! He is also terribly clever and loves a quiz or a puzzle. Fergus is terrible proud of his beautiful tail.

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